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Need Introduction, Section 2 and 3 completed. • Complete Title Page • Complete Table of Contents (will upload working outline for reference/with teachers suggestions) – Abstract • The Introduction section written in full detail • section – 2.0 & 3.0). These pages must include text that contains quoted and summarized information from a credible sources. • In-text citations as needed • A partial List of References page that includes the sources documented as in-text citations in the body of the text • Illustrations (figures & tables) properly incorporated into the report; numbered, titled, and cited appropriately. o Illustration commentary should include:

Preview Illustration, Present Illustration, Discuss what needs to be observed, Analyze Illustration, then connect analysis to your topic **Add or expand sub topics to your discretion** – Will upload Memorandum of the research paper, which can incorporated or used. Will give you an idea of the topic and research paper. – Double spaced, Size 12, Times new roman – Appropriate headers and footers. – Minimum 12 references (will upload some articles that I found) – In depth analysis of the topics and how they relate to Seven Generations condensate (Natural gas liquids) development in the Montney Formation. – Focus on how it all relates back to Seven Generations, and how it they became the leaders of condensate production in Alberta, Canada. – Why is it significant through Albertas/Canada economical downfall. (still a high demand for condensate over heavy crude oil) discuss Why is it important. – Elaborate on Seven Generation, their operations in the Montney formation, Their success in the oil industry which ties back to condensate from the Montney formation.

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