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 Description Sex & Gender Due Nov 6 Choose following article/case study and use it to discuss how cultural conventions can influence gendered identities and roles. Consider how your own experiences, and your own cultural background may influence how you perceive gendered roles; that is, think like an anthropologist and work to recognize and describe your cultural bias. Be objective. How can you overcome this bias? Although your essay will be partly based on personal experience and opinion, I expect you to do some peer-reviewed research to back up your facts, ideas, and interpretation. A) Goal: Critically think about anthropological concepts related to sex, food, and death. How do these apply to your life? Can you discuss these topics from an anthropological perspective? Demonstrate your knowledge and your insight by completing the following short-essay assignment. Instructions: Choose two of the three essay themes below (Biocultural Evolution, Sex & Gender, and/or Food & Diet) to write your assignment on. Note that each theme corresponds to a different due date! Once you have chosen your main theme, write your short-essay assignment to answer either option A or B (NOT both). Options A and B have been included as inspiration and examples for you to use during your writing. While some of your essay will be opinion based, you should draw on examples and information provided in the assigned popular-articles, lecture, your textbook, as well as external, peer-reviewed resources to back up your facts, ideas, and interpretations. Please use Peer Reviewed articles.

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