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Sexually Transmissible Infection and HIV -an Indian Perspective

Assignment 1 – Essay 2000 words (case study)
This assignment will be as a report more than essay references should not be least than 10 years, that means all my references should be start from 2004 to 2013

title: STIs and HIV in India
Part 1: Outline what is known of the current situation in relation to the epidemiology of STIs And HIV and who carries the burden of STI and HIV disease in the country of choice.
Part 2: You have a generous budget for use in a non-government organisation in this country.
On the basis of your knowledge of the epidemiology of STIs and HIV, the relevant biomedical features of infections and who carries the burden of disease, decide on priorities and
programmes for expenditure in the prevention of STIs and HIV in this country.
• The first Learning Activity in Module Two may be of some assistance in developing
this essay (page 2.10).
• Reading through modules 7 and 8 at this stage will give you an overview of many of
the current approaches to HIV/STI prevention and issues to be aware of in devising
Further tips for the assignment
• What STI and HIV priorities would you target and why?
• Remember to outline programmes you would implement.
• What population groups would you target and why?
• Bear in mind cultural contexts in the country you have chosen.

Your assignment should be in either Times New Roman font size 12 or Arial size 11, 1.5 spaced and must include:

 Cover page with your name, student number, email aIDress, Faculty/School, unit, tutor, due date and disclaimer affirming that this is your own work;
 The content should be presented under appropriate headings (and subheadings if needed);
 Page numbers and Contents table;
 A labelled introduction and conclusion as described in the marking criteria.

Further tips
 Unless you are interested in or citing a seminal work or classic study or presenting historical and cultural material, or comparison data, use up to date sources no more than 10 years old, particularly when discussing health issues or rapidly evolving situations such as STI/HIV.

 Remember to tick the peer reviewed journals only option when searching for journal articles.

 If using newspaper articles – remember to record the date in full, the newspaper and URL of the web link.
 When using web based sources, remember to include the URL of the page from which you accessed the material, not the generic URL of the organization and to follow the protocols of your chosen referencing style for in-text and referencing list entries; do not use URLs in-text.

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