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Shoekeepers Millenium Description HIS 101 Johnson Book Review Guidelines A Shopkeeper’s Millennium: Society and Revivals in Rochester, New York, 1815-1837. By Paul E. Johnson (New York, Hill & Wang, 1978). This is a classic study about the changes that the Second great Awakening brought to Rochester, New York. In this seminal work, Paul E. Johnson suggests that a certain class of individuals manipulated the religious enthusiasm for their own benefit. Your task is to write a review of Johnson’s text. In completing this review you will have several goals to accomplish. First: You must explain the subject of the book and the author’s central thesis or main argument. This explanation should be as complete as possible. You should discuss the key events that the author discusses to prove his thesis. Also, you must include a discussion of the sources or evidence that Johnson uses. In order to complete this part of the assignment, you will have to look at the endnotes. Second: You must evaluate how successfully the author has proven his point. Is the author’s argument reasonable and logical? Is there an alternative explanation for the actions of the characters mentioned and the evidence presented? How might a different interpretation be arrived at? Does the author reveal a bias? Third: You should render a judgment on the value of the book. Does the book advance our understanding of the subject matter? Does it challenge any previous beliefs? Fourth: You should explain why this book is important? Has the author made a convincing case for this text being important? Has he told us anything that we might not have already known? Why, in your or the author’s opinion, are we studying some events that happened close to two hundred years ago? Does this book have any relevance to contemporary America? The final product should be between four and six double-spaced pages in length. Students should use a twelve point font. You should proofread your final product. A series of grammatical mistakes or typographical errors will detract from your overall grade. Use the present tense when discussing the author’s assertions and methodology. (Example: “In this study, Johnson states that…” not “In this study, Johnson stated that…”) You should avoid using the first person in your review. Thus, you should refrain from writing: “I believe that…” or “In this book I learned…” The title, author, and other pertinent information about the book should be placed at the beginning of the review. If you quote from Johnson’s text you must include the page number.

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