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This includes essay questions that require you to cite evidence or research to explain/support your answer. The essay answers must be in your own words with paraphrasing properly source credited. Quotes in lieu of answering in your own words will not work in this essay Make sure to number your responses so we will know where one response ends and the next starts. It is not necessary to rewrite each question in your document. Your responses should be approximately one-half to one page each (double-spaced) for a total of 3-6 pages (not including Title and References Pages if you choose to include them). 1. Briefly contrast the views of Locke and Rousseau on how children develop. 2. “For children to learn, we must praise their correct responses and correct their mistakes.” Would Montessori agree? Explain. 3. What did Werner mean by “microgenesis” and “microgenetic mobility?” Give examples. Discuss some valuable aspects of these concepts. 4. Piaget’s critics charge that he made development appear too slow. Discuss this criticism with respect to either: a) object permanence, b) conservation training, or c) Kamii’s teaching methods. Then, describe the Piagetian approach. 5. Compare conventional and postconventional morality in Kohlberg’s theory.

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