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This is a continuation of your final project, which you started in

Week 3. This last piece involves an analysis of how your individual’s

contribution from the past continues to contribute to today’s public

health system and how it might guide future work within the industry. As

you recall, in week 3, you researched an individual and their

contribution to community and public health. To begin, you need to

review the feedback given to you from Week 3. (FEEDBACK BELOW)

You have a great start to your final paper. However there is more information you need to emphasize to show Caron’s impacts on Public Health. For example, what did Silent Spring say and how did others react to it? What backlash did she face from the chemical manufactures, some in Congress, and others? What changes occurred? How did these changes impact health?

I recommend utilizing your historical figure’s life as the natural progression for this paper. In other words, start from their early life and progress forward through their early and later career. Highlight key aspects of their career that are expressed in the assignment details. Instead of using the assignment requirements as the progression of the paper, use the life of your historical figure to move the paper forward. Discuss the requirements of the paper when they ‘appear’ in your figures life. Your final paragraphs will be the the discussion on how this figure impacted public health.

Please make sure a majority of your sources are from academic sources (primarily peer-reviewed articles from the library). The majority of your sources should not be websites.

Please make sure you review my comments listed within the paper and the rubric. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Then, make the necessary

revisions to Part I of this project. Then, you will be adding the second

half to your project.

Follow this outline to help formulate your paper or presentation:

ACTION: Make sure you review all the feedback from your Week 3 (Part I) assignment and apply any necessary revisions. Your week 3 assignment should have included each of the following elements:

  • GRADED ELEMENT : Describe your selected person’s experience
  • GRADED ELEMENT : Analyze the climate of the time period in terms of political, socioeconomic, environmental and technological context in which this person worked.
  • GRADED ELEMENT : Examine the personal beliefs of your person that prompted this work.
  • GRADED ELEMENT : Examine how this individual overcame any adversities to succeed in his/her task.
  • GRADED ELEMENT : Describe the final outcome of this individual’s contribution to community and/or public health.
  • GRADED ELEMENT : Explain what his/her contribution did for overall community and/or public health at the time.
  • GRADED ELEMENT : Explain why this contribution was so important at that particular point in history.

ACTION: Think about the individual’s contribution to community/public health

  • GRADED ELEMENT : Analyze the impact of your individual’s contribution on today’s public health system.
    • HELP: You are asking “what happened as a result of this contribution at the national and community level?” For example, some elements you could address include:
      • did it change attitudes
      • did it change protocols and policies
      • did behavior change result
      • did it add/eliminate laws
  • GRADED ELEMENT : Analyze how this contribution is still relevant today
    • HELP: Was this contribution only applicable at the time it occurred, or is it still applied today? Why or why not? Explain your response
  • GRADED ELEMENT : Examine how this contribution could support or be expanded for future community and public health benefits
    • HELP: Using solid critical thinking, look at the historical value of the contribution and examine how it could be used for the future (is it applicable to another health issue, can it lead to more policy change, could it promote advocacy work or public health laws, etc.)

You have a choice of which format you wish to present your findings:

Format 1: Written Paper

  • Must be at least 6 pages in length (not including title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
    • Title of paper
    • Students name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • Must use at least eight scholarly sources (one of those may be the course text).
  • Must document all sources in APA style .
  • Must include a separate reference page that is formatted according to APA style
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