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Discussion: Size Acceptance Activity

Spend a few minutes online doing an Internet keyword search for: Size Acceptance Behavior Assessment. From the assessment sheet you find online, rate the listed behaviors on how often you find yourself doing them: 1-never, 2-rarely, 3-occasionally, 4-frequently, 5-daily. Follow the instructions on the bottom of the sheet to help you analyze some of your size acceptance behaviors and answer the following questions:

  1. What does the behavior assessment tell you about your current ideas, behaviors, and concepts of body size and people’s weights?
  2. What are some of the statements that you didn’t expect to be unhelpful or harmful that can be this way?
  3. Tell about if you feel you need to make any changes in your attitudes and behaviors and what they would be?

Discussion: Components Of A Healthy Diet

Diet Program Evaluation Activity

For this activity you will analyze three different popular diet programs. Do a web search to find out more about each of the diets. The Diet Program Evaluation Chart (DOCX) contains the questions you will answer. Print the chart and, in the open spaces of the chart, fill in notes on what you find. Your notes should be based on the principles of weight loss, balanced diet, and physical activity that you have learned about. After researching and note taking, type answers to numbers one to ten (from the chart) in your discussion entry. Be sure to number your answers. Finally, write a five to six sentence statement about which diet program you would choose if you were seeking to reduce your body weight and why.

Discussion: Confronting Eating Disorders

Follow your teacher’s instructions to make the following discussion entry.

This discussion is on confronting eating disorders. First you need to assess if you have eating disorder tendencies. Go to the NEDA website by doing an Internet keyword search for: National Eating Disorders Association. From the site you find online, select the toption to take the anonymous screening.

Include answers to the following questions in your discussion/reflection activity.

  • What was your overall reaction to the statements on the screening?
  • What were some statements that you didn’t think were risks for an eating disorder, that really are risk behaviors?
  • Describe if you or anyone else that you know ever had or are currently struggling with an eating disorder.
  • Who is (or was) responsible for intervention and how did they do it?
  • How would you approach a friend or family member who you suspected has an undiagnosed eating disorder?

Discussion: Case Study

Read the following case ctudy and discuss the questions listed at the end of this page.

Brittany is a 15-year-old freshman in high school. She is the oldest child in a single parent family. She enjoys sports and participates in volleyball, basketball, track, and softball at school. Her usual day consists of breakfast at home, which is usually a pop-tart on the way out of the house. Lunch is a fast food meal with friends that often consists of a double cheeseburger, fries, and large regular soda pop after which she often feels stuffed and bloated, but feels she needs the calories for her busy sports schedule. She then doesn’t eat again until later in the evening even if she is hungry after school. Supper is either a hot dog or pop at ball games or left-over food in the refrigerator after she gets home from practice. She doesn’t care much for fruits and vegetables other than bananas, corn and lettuce salad, as her mom seldom prepares them for the family or keeps fresh fruit on hand.

She is 5’6” and weighs 115 pounds and would like to weigh closer to 100–105 pounds. A Weight-for-Height table puts her weight range at 125 pounds to 135 pounds. She is worried about gaining weight. A cute guy in her Math class that she would like to date was overheard talking to his buddies and making fun of large girls in the class. She feels like she is always stressed for time with games and practices, homework to do in the evenings, and household duties she does for her mom who works to support the family. She feels like she has no leisure time for herself. When feeling extra stressed she will eat an entire large bag of potato chips or three to four cups of ice cream and then feel guilty afterwards.


  1. Name some of the components of Brittany’s lifestyle and eating patterns that are contrary to the Wellness Approach to Body Size and Weight Management principles covered in this section.
  2. What are some improvements she could make based on these principles? Name as many as you can.
  3. Discuss if you have ever found yourself in a life situation similar to Brittany’s. What are some practical ways you can make improvements or healthy things you are already doing?

Discussion: Your Physical Activity

Follow your teacher’s instructions to make the following discussion entry.

Discuss the types of physical activity you are involved with on a routine basis. Discuss how your physical activity affects your health, the food choices you make, the people you hang out with, the organizations to which you belong. What other ways can you think of that your activities influence your life?

Discussion: Benefits Of Personal Exercise

Follow your teacher’s instructions to make the following discussion entry.

Calculate your exercise training zone with the formula supplied in this section. Discuss which of the heart rate zones you would use, the activities you would use them in, and the type of training involved to reach your fitness goals.

Discussion: Compute Energy Expenditure & BMI

Follow your teacher’s instructions to make the following discussion entry.

Based on your food diary from Section 3 of this unit, assess how you would have to make dietary adjustments if you added in moderate activity. In other words, compare your energy needs with and without moderate activity. Your needs should obviously increase. You can use the same web based resource (Choose My Plate) to help you. Discuss what you would do to make changes in your diet. What food groups would you choose from to make those adjustments for the increased activity?

Discussion: Personal Stress Responses

Follow your teacher’s instructions to make the following discussion entry.

Discuss in brief some events or situations that typically cause stress in your life and how you might now address these to help return a sense of wellness to your life.

Discussion: Life Cycle

Explore the USDA Natural Agricultural Library Lifecycle Nutrition website to find information and discuss the following topics.Relate principles of good nutrition and wellness to the process of life time growth and development.

  • Describe basic principles of changing nutrition needs from pre-natal to elderly.
  • Compare current knowledge of nutrition to aspects of life cycle nutrition.
  • Comprehend how development of life-long positive nutrition and wellness behaviors occur.
  • Identify normal life cycle growth patterns.

Discussion: Special Needs

Follow your teacher’s instructions to make the following discussion entry.

Now that you have some of the basics of nutritional science you can begin to understand how nutritional therapies could be applied to specific conditions. Do some research and discuss some of the conditions that exist in children that create special needs. Consider strategies that could be used to improve the quality of life of these children. Some special needs situations to consider:

  • Attention deficit
  • Hyperactivity
  • Autism
  • Downs syndrome
  • Premature birth
  • Below normal growth rate

Discussion: Peer Pressure and Food Choices

Follow your teacher’s instructions to make the following discussion entry.

Discuss the influence of peer pressure on the food choices that you make. Does peer pressure negatively or positively affect your choices? Discuss strategies for making the right choices in the face of peer pressure in the unhealthy direction.

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