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Articles for reference should not be older than 10 years. Following are the main objections by publisher on my article. .According to mention topic the focus of the study is to evaluate smoking effects and its relationship with Periodontal health but in literature review and methodology other parameters also discuss as the topic suggest only the rationale of smoking on periodontium should be restricted to the topic but other parameter like pan, chalia and guttka also disscuss without any justification. Analysis done without specific test applied so data analysis should be revised and formulate results again according to analyzed data and rewrite discussion and conclusion.Elaborate the introduction of your manuscript makes it lengthy. Draw a table of your variables in Methodology, and mentioned rural area. Your cross-sectional studys duration. Also aID SPSS analysis sheet or table/s as supplementary material. Explain your results with Pie Chart. Elaborate the Conclusion according to your results. It is a very common topic, the studies chosen for the literature are old and there is no new literature elaborating on the topic.The article is not well formatted.

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