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Some of the key skills integral to the job of public health administration are :

**The ability to monitor, assess and identify health problems

**Determine the best preventative and cost effective measures to reduce health care problems, and

**To build community wide awareness of the problems and precautionary measures to utilize when developing a resolution.

Based on the educational backgrounds of public health workers , consider whether the typical degrees that a public health worker might have (such as an MPH in Epidemiology, a degree in nursing, or an MD or DO degree) contribute to developing these skills.

Answer the following questions:

1. Is there a gap between the knowledge/skills/abilities needed to be a public health worker and the skills needed to be a public health administrator?

2. If you believe there is a gap in the needed knowledge/skills/abilities, explain why you believe that. Also provide your opinion on how might it be addressed and how we might ensure that those who are leading public health organizations have the skills they need to do so.

3. If you do not believe a gap in skills exists, explain why.

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