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SOPHE Unintentional Injury and Violence Prevention. (n.d.). Behavior change theories that can be applied to injury prevention and control. Retrieved fromhttp//

Based on your research, select a behavior change theory and provide an example of how that theory applies to a health promotion program. Then, respond to the following

Describe the effectiveness of behavioral theories in bringing about behavior change in a health promotion program.

In the example you cite, examine the factors that led to the decision to apply your chosen theory to the specific health promotion program.

Describe how the health promotion program was designed to incorporate the elements of this theory.


Support your statements with appropriate examples and scholarly references.


Support your statements with appropriate examples and scholarly references. cite your work appropriately whenever possible. You should follow the most recent APA guidelines when citing your work.

ANSWER each question in indepth detail one page requirement (50 word minmum for each question)


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