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Obsessive compulsive disorder

Question and Scenario:

Create a speech in a word document about your inclusive practice for a 9 year old boy who has obsessive compulsive disorder for your colleagues at the beginning of school year.

Word length: 2500 words or equivalent. +/- 10%

·Identify the key learning needs of the student in the case study. You will need to research widely and base it on the diagnosis of the student to identify all relevant needs. In addition to general areas of need, identify a particular skill or aspect of the Australian curriculum content that is relevant to this student and describe the student’s current level of performance. If relevant, briefly identify the needs of the other students in the group setting as well.

·Explain how you differentiated your teaching to meet the individual needs of the student in the case study. Focusing on your teaching of a particular skill or aspect of curriculum content, explain the differentiation strategies you used to accommodate the learning needs of the student and how you created an inclusive learning environment. Justify your strategies with reference to appropriate scholarly literature. If you also made reasonable adjustments for the student explain these adjustments, including how the student benefited, and why they were made. Ensure that you explain the difference between reasonable adjustments and differentiated tasks.

·Show the learning plan that you developed for the student in the case study. This may take the form of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) or a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) plan. I have created this, so please use this in the speech.


·Comprehensive identification of needs of the student, supported by reference to the literature.

·Suitability of your differentiation strategies and quality of your supporting evidence.

·Relevance of and justification for your student’s learning plan

·Adherence to academic writing conventions including grammar, clarity and referencing

Note: If it is badly written I will withdraw.

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