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(Crisis Management)Analyse organization: Nokia. Learning Outcomes Assessed: LO1 Critically analyse the different types of crises and critically evaluate the likely long and short-term consequences of such crises on business operations. LO2 Design and critically evaluate a business continuity plan for the management of a given crisis situation. LO3 Defend and contextualise the response of the organisation and other related organisations to a specific crisis scenario. LO4 Critically evaluate a range of risk factors relating to the planning of future crises. Identify ONE NAMED organisation and prepare a ‘situation analysis’ enabling you to present proposals for a continuity of business plan (CBP) for your chosen organisation. You should consider b.brief background of antecedents relating to your chosen organisation and the sector in which it operates together with a statement as to the function and purpose of your proposed CBP; b. a recognition of your chosen organisation’s ‘turning point’ and its significance / implications for the organisation; identification / isolation of the ‘pivotal’ crisis and the stage of crisis in which your chosen organisation finds itself (eg, prodromal, acute, chronic, resolution); and f. your proposals for business continuity with justification for your proposals. You can get more information about my report in my provided files. At the end of handbook. (this is a stage 2 report, so just ignore stage 1 information) And check my stage 1 report. just make sure writing some points I mentioned in my stage 1 report then write what you want. Finally please make read ‘Summary of assessment tips to students ‘ follow that instruction can make grades higher. Thanks a lot!

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