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Develop stakeholders’ (the ones you identified in assignment 4) communication plan outline (no more than 500 words) in a form of a Memo. -Propose the main and alternative communication channels; Be specific and practical. -List minimum 1 policy (list the full name) besides HIPAA that might set restrictions or specific requirements for the communication channels chosen and engagement with the stakeholders; make sure to remember the policies affecting digital and nondigital technological channels. -Propose subordination communication points for at least 1 linked or affiliated stakeholder(for example, the Administrative officer to the Attorney General and vice versa or the Communication Coordinator to the news program and news program director); -List 2 ethical considerations influencing the communication with this stakeholder. Be specific and applicable to this HC delivery managerial issues. Privacy is not a good choice as it is mandated and regulated. Cite and reference the resources as appropriate. Follow the appropriate Memo format and English grammar rules.

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