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Starting the Process

Using the textbook as your guide (this means citing it) and a database available through Park’s library, find, summarize, and discuss 1 peer-reviewed academic article using the steps recommended in the book.  The article should directly relate to the subject area you are thinking about focusing on for your core assessment project.

Then for that article, show how you could do it in a completely unscientific way by changing the question and method using everything you read from the book about what a good study is.

You may not copy any part of the article; your summary and discussion should be your own words, though in-text page based citation is required.


By: Cleland, Jennifer; Porteous, Terry; Skåtun, Diane. Medical Education. Nov2018, Vol. 52 Issue 11, p1113-1124. 12p. 1 Diagram, 1 Chart. DOI: 10.1111/medu.13657. , Database: Consumer Health Complete – EBSCOhost

Subjects: DECISION making; LABOR market; LABOR supply; MEDICAL education; NEEDS assessment; SATISFACTION; STUDENTS; VOCATIONAL guidance; MASTERS programs (Higher education)



Title: Understanding Research

ISBN-13: 9780205925322

Author: W. Lawrence Neuman

Edition: 2

Publisher: Pearson

Published: August 2016

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