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Statistics for Health Care Professionals-Working with Excel
Please Follow every Instruction!!
THis Work should be done by someone with great Knowledge in using EXCEL
To complete data analysis for certain homework problems, you will need to use the Data Analysis Toolpak that can be added into Excel. Please follow the directions that to download the Analysis Toolpak.
It a challenge to complete this work on a MAC computer
? Formulas should be contained in the Excel cells when relevant (i.e. do not “write out” the work in Excel or place pictures of hand written work in Excel, use the Excel functions and capabilities).
? Create a new worksheet for each problem (a new tab in the 1 Excel file), or group of problems, and label the worksheet accordingly (e.g. “p23-Q1” for page 23, question 1).
For written answers, insert a text box into the Excel worksheet, and write in the text box.
Addition instruction is in the Attachments. Every attachment is important in answering these questions.

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