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Write a paper that analysis Maya paper. Your assignment is to write a 1,250-word literary analysis on one of the pieces. In the introduction, discuss anything in the author’s personal or professional background that directly relates to piece you are discussing in your paper. Also, make a statement about how this author made a social statement and the power of that statement. Provide a statement of theme and a thesis statement. In the body, you will build your case. For example, if you were writing about Sara Teasdale’s “There Will Come Soft Rains,” in the introduction, you could discuss the fact that this is a war poem which was written following the Sedition Act which was written to discourage people speaking out against the war. Or you could discuss the fact that Teasdale had read Darwin’s Origin of the Species prior to writing the poem since the poem is very much about nature’s dominance. In the body of the paper, you could discuss Teasdale’s use of whimsical nature images that lead to a dark statement about humanity no longer existing on earth. Or, you could read Ray Bradbury’s “There Will Come Soft Rains” a brief short story written in 1950 and obviously inspired by Teasdale’s poem that presents an image of a house after a nuclear attack and then compare and contrast how Teasdale and Bradbury differ in their presentations of the same theme: the annihilation of the human family. In the conclusion, you could discuss the differences in the masculine and feminine voices on the same subject. You could also discuss the significance of the piece. For example, Teasdale’s poem was inspiration for Bradbury’s short story and musical works that use you poem.

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