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Topic: Strategic Mgt. Develop an EFE Matrix for Walt Disney Co.

Subject Area: Management

Number of Pages:

Writing Style: APA

Type of Document: Coursework

Academic Level: Undergraduate

Number of sources/references: 5

1. Develop an EFE Matrix for Walt Disney Company. Do this on an individual basis.

2. Identify the External Opportunities and Threats after reading and referring back to the Walt Disney Cohesion Case in the textbook.

3. Follow the five steps detailed on pages 80 and 81 in the textbook to develop the EFE Matrix. Prepare and present your EFE Matrix following the format as illustrated in either Table 3-10 on page 81 in the textbook or Table 3-11 on page 82 in the textbook.

4. Comment as to what Walt Disney’s Total Weighted Score means.

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