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PartA.BookSummary.1-2pagesReview the main points or take-aways from Easwaran.What is mindfulness, what is the book trying to convey?PartB.Reflections.2-4pagesReview all of your textbook reflection activities, in class activities/discussions, and life!Write  a paper summarizing what you have learned about yourself over the course of this class, and place this into the context of the course content and related research.This section should include research. Make very clear, explicit and direct connections to CURRENT RESEARCH!!! Cite your sources.Use 3-4 articles, NOT WEBSITES, the text, or magazines, etc.PartC.Self-CarePlan.(2pages).Construct a self-care plan that will help you manage stress in your life. Yourself-care plan should include the following sections (this can be a reflection, no sources necessary, but welcomed):•Yourstrengths.Based on what you have learned about yourself in this class, list the specificstrengthsthat you already do well that help you cope well with stress

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