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c Your research paper must contain an introduction, a conclusion, and these three main elements in between : (1) describe the crucial theological issues that your topic raises (i.e., what is the big idea?); (2) identify the key theological positions on the topic (what has the historic Christian church said about it?); and (3) finally, from a biblical perspective, evaluate why the study of this topic is theologically relevant for the evangelical church today (i.e., why does all this matter?). The introductory section should explain what the essay is about and give an outline of the three main points that will follow. The middle three sections should each address one major argument or idea or element of your paper. The concluding paragraph should conclude the essay by offering final reflections, summative observations, or suggestions for application or implementation. The research paper must be 2,500 words long. Your research paper should not to exceed 3000 words and is due in two parts: first draft and final draft (see below). Failure to meet the minimum word count will result in loss of points. Word count includes footnotes and excludes bibliography. Papers must adhere to the Turabian style-guide and must include a bibliography of works cited only. The bibliography must consist of minimum six robust balanced academic sources (like primary and secondary sources if applicable, books, monographs, journal and dictionary articles) on an appropriate topic from the loci listed above. Use one-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman Font, numbered footnotes, page numbers centered on the bottom of the page, and double spacing for the content. First Draft Fully formatted first draft containing proper form and content with the required minimum 2,500 word count. This draft must also contain interaction and engagement with all the bibliographic sources listed and a discussion on the theological relevance of the topic for the church today. Please make sure that you proofread your first draft and ensure that it is fully formatted with footnotes and bibliography in place before submission. The first draft will need to be revised for Task 5, the final draft, by implementing the feedback that you have received. This is Christian Theology class so should write in Christian’s perspective

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