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Students will be asked to locate a single digital intersection of media and religion on the web. This may take the form of a website, blog, podcast, Facebook post, Twitter feed, Instagram account, YouTube video, etc. Your choice must be accessible via a URL link. A two-page, double-spaced, titled report of your findings, in a standard Word Document format, will accompany the link.

Emphasize on how this form of website/media help to spread the religion? What is the different from how religious ideology was spread before?

Points of Clarification

Paragraph #1: How would you describe the link you have chosen? (e.g. How is it designed? What are its features? How is it organized?)

Paragraph #2: Why have you chosen this link? (e.g. What drew you to it? Was it content, form, or both? Are you inspired or disillusioned by it?)

Paragraph #3: How is ‘religion’ portrayed in the link? (e.g. How is it characterized / depicted / represented? How is it meant to be perceived? What are the limits of its definition?)

Paragraph #4: Is understanding of the religion in question enhanced or diminished by the link? (e.g. Is it helpful or unhelpful? What framework is at play? Is the interpretation on offer accurate or a distortion?)

Please note: The points of clarification (i.e. the additional bracketed questions) noted above are meant to guide your thinking; you need not answer them, one-by-one, in your written response.

Link you may use:

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