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One page/ at least 3 paragraphs contents per question with separate introduction and conclusion.

Remember to do a spelling and grammar check and correct any content errors. Additionally, you will need to do a quality assurance check to ensure the following: 1. Your introduction is concise and clear and reflects the paper’s content. 2. Topics and subtopics transition well throughout each section of your paper. 3. All concepts, numbers, statistics, graphs, and graphics are properly cited. 4. Each citation has a corresponding reference listed on the References page. 5. The conclusion is consistent with the paper’s content. 6. The title page, paper, in-paragraph citations, and reference page are all in the APA format. Before submitting your final draft, check to make sure your paper meets all of the criteria identified in the rubric.

Question 1.- How and why have population demographic changes, disease pattern changes, increased costs, and increases in supply and demand for health care services impacted the US health care system?

2.- Why does the lack of access to health care equate to just not having health insurance, or are there other factors?

3.- Many hospitals today are focusing their organizational resources on becoming a Center of Excellence, concentrating on one or more categories of disease or special types of service. What do you see as some of the forces driving hospitals? Can you think of a hospital or health system in your area that is promoting itself as the “heart” center, the “women’s health” center, or some other specialty area? This is sometimes termed “boutique” health care. Does this seem like a good strategy in today’s health care market?

4.- Do you think that the financing of long-term care is appropriate? Why or why not? If not, what would you do to change our Nation’s long term care outlook?

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