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Substance use abuse.

Over the past decade, cases of substance use and abuse have appeared more prevalent in society. From the mental health perspective, research has shown an increase in cases of substance use and abuse, particularly with adolescents. This increase has prompted further investigation into adolescent risk and resilience factors, as well as accuracy in diagnosis and appropriate treatment plans. Yet, in cases of adolescent substance use and abuse, further investigation is still needed concerning notification rights of parents, legal authorities, and/or case workers.
For this Application, review the client case study in the Learning Resources. Consider the characteristics of the client. Which specific characteristics might you consider important in developing an Axes I through IV diagnosis? Consider your rationale for assigning particular diagnoses on the basis of the DSM-IV-TR. Also, think about what other information or people you may need to include in the assessment in order to make an accurate diagnosis.
Case Study:
Mother and Adolescent visit a counselor. Mother says that for the Axis 4 always doing things on the computer talking in the phone texting he never stops even to eat him never eats much anymore. Adolescent responds: Drink you milk eat your veggies, eat you veggies drink your milk who needs to eat I been eating daily zombies special the fast ones. Mother says that’s not alcohol in the house or drugs we never done that. I think is the music he listens to it; he screaming, and aggressive and angry. The minister is the one that recommend me to come and talk to you the minister thinks that something is going on. Adolescent responds talk about zombies doesn’t do drugs. The counselor asks to the adolescent he is maybe you agree with your mom that you been depresses in the past the adolescent responds: because I was stupid. Mother says you are not stupid. He had to repeat 5th grade he is a year behind his friends at school. Adolescent say they aren’t my friends you heat my friends. Mother says I think you should not be hanging around with boys much older than you.

The Assignment (3–4 pages)
• An Axes I through IV diagnosis of the client in the case study
• An explanation of your rationale for assigning these diagnoses on the basis of the DSM-IV-TR
• An explanation of what other information you might need about the client to make an accurate diagnosis
• A brief description of aIDitional individuals you might include in your assessment and explain why

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