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Personal affiliations and the importance of establishing professional connections to people in the nursing community is an important aspect of building a successful nursing career. Networking is an important power strategy and political skill (Yoder-Wise,2015). A network is defined as the result of identifying, valuing, and maintaining relationships with a system of individuals who are sources of information, advice, and support.

Active participation in an organization is the most effective method of establishing a professional network outside the perimeter of one’s employment. A key benefit in participating in a professional organization is the identification of a core group of skilled, insightful, and enthusiastic colleagues who share like ideals and vision. Membership in professional organizations for nurse leaders and executives encourages opportunities to share expertise and interests. Although, social media is an excellent medium for professional networking, we should proceed with caution because of the personal nature of social media.

In my experience, attending conferences is a great way to network with nurses sharing similar concerns and knowledge building. I like to make it a recruiting session always surprised at how many leads for potential hires I have found at local conferences. It’s also a great way to get answers to questions from the experts. I take their contact information and reference them when I run into issues I need an expert opinion. I will never turn this opportunity for networking down it’s a great way to meet professional colleagues.

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