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The portfolio should include the following; SWOC analysis Learning outcomes Three practice reports (2000 words each) Conclusion (1000 words)The portfolio should contain all of the required elements (SWOC analysis; learning outcomes; three practice reports and a conclusion)The portfolio will be assessed against the following criteria; Critical evaluation of the students own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and constraints presented using a SWOC analysis template Formulation of learning outcomes appropriate for level 7 study, based on identified areas for development (weaknesses) Critical evaluation of whether and how the learning outcomes have been achieved and identification of areas for further professional development Adhere to the school of health and social care policy for consent and confidentiality Adhere to the school of health and social care guidelines for presentation and referencingThe individual practice reports will be assessed against the following criteria; Identification of practice related problem and reasoned justification for seeking external evidence A comprehensive and logically structured search strategy Comprehensive and critical evaluation and discussion of the evidence related to the problem Synthesis of the evidence and argued recommendations for the future management of practice

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