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After four years of college, you are celebrating with your first real vacation. You have plannedthree glorious weeks away from the hustle and bustle of city life before you begin to practiceyour dream career. Climbing aboard the small Learjet, you can’t help but wonder if the otherfive passengers have also planned vacations like the photographer’s vacation you designed. Asthe plane lifts into clouds, you drift off, dreaming of the week you have planned hiking in theRockies followed by the two weeks in Hawaii shooting pictures of volcanoes. Coughing wakesyou to a smoke-filled cabin, and you realize that the loud noise you thought was a dream isreally the pilot screaming. The trees seem to leap at the window, and you remember nothingafter that. When you finally come to, the plane has crashed. You have only moments to grabthree items and throw yourself out the broken window before the plane explodes. Two weekslater, the rescue team finally finds you. Of course, your old English teacher is leading theexpedition. You almost wish that you hadn’t been found because, as you know, the first wordsout of her mouth are: “Write me an essay on how you survived two weeks in the Rockies withonly those three items you were able to save from the plane!” Narrative essay Choose one of the topics on pages 77 or 78 in your textbook and write a narrative essay: Narration exercises 12.1A-F. The essay must be written in proper essay form with an introduction (beginning), body (middle), and conclusion (end). The essay can be written in first or third person point of view. This essay should be a minimum of three paragraphs in length. The essay needs to be a minimum of 600 words. The essay must be typed and double spaced. Your name must be on the paper. This paper will be submitted on Canvas as a Word document.

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