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gap in the healthcare system

Competency 12: The student will discuss the role of the Faith Community Nurse in life transforming issues as relate to community members by

a. discussing the terminology of grief and loss b. recognizing the need for differing approaches to the grieving process c. describe therapeutic strategies for assisting others in the grieving process d. recognizing symptoms of family violence and neglect e. describing the cycle of violence

Competency 13: The student will implement appropriate tools to assess congregational needs by:

a. identifying tools appropriate to a Faith based Community b. designing appropriate assessment tools for congregational needs c. utilizing appropriate tool for specific groups within the congregation d. performing spiritual assessment in a simulated situation

Competency 14: The student will discuss and evaluate the impact of issues relating to human justice by

a. discussing the role of health ministries in health disparities. b. explaining the National Health Goals related to faith based community c. discussing the effect of Health Ministries on the political economic, and psychosocial disparities in the community


Upon completion of a program of study at any campus of Miami Dade College, graduates should emulate the outcomes adopted by Miami Dade College as listed below:

1. Communicate effectively using listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. 2. Use quantitative analytic skills to evaluate and process numerical data. 3. Solve problems using critical and creative thinking and scientific reasoning. 4. Formulate strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information. 5. Demonstrate knowledge of diverse cultures, including global and historical perspectives. 6. Create strategies that can be used to fulfill personal, civic, and social responsibilities. 7. Demonstrate knowledge of critical thinking and its application to issues in society. 8. Use computer and emerging technologies effectively. 9. Demonstrate an appreciation for aesthetics and creative activities. 10. Demonstrate how natural systems function and recognize the impact of humans on the environment.

Learning Outcomes Statements: This course provides intentional learning experiences to aIDress outcomes #1, 3, and #7. Students will achieve these outcomes by:


Competency 1: The Student will describe Faith Community Nursing/Health Ministry F


discussing the difference between Faith Community Nursing and Health Ministry b. discussing common characteristics of Health Ministries c. discussing the role of the Faith Community Nurse in promoting hea and preventing disease in the Faith Community d. describing the goals of Health Ministry

Competency 2: The Student will relate the History of Faith Community Nursing by:

a. b.

recalling the roots of Faith Community Nursing /Health Ministry comparing the mission of the church and the call to Faith Communi Nursing c. identifying organizations and the role they play in Faith Communit) Nursing d. recognizing negotiating body for Faith Community Nursing

Competency 3: The Student will describe the Philosophy and Mission of Faith Commun by:

a. explaining the source of the mission of Faith Community Nursing b. discussing the mission of Faith Community Nursing versus the Biblical mandate. c. discussing the philosophy of Health Ministry d. comparing philosophy of Faith Community Nursing with their personal philosophy of nursing e. formulating a personal philosophy of Faith Community Nursing

Competency 4: The Student will discuss the importance of prayer and meditation in the life and work of the Faith Community Nurse /Health Minister by:

a. discussing various forms of prayer b. sharing experiences with prayer c. formulating at least three forms of prayer d. designing a plan to practice daily prayer and meditation.

Competency 5: The Student will recognize the need for ongoing self care by:

a. practicing stress reducing techniques. b. Identifying personal signs and symptoms of spiritual distress. c. developing creative strategies for self nurturing d. Identifying a spiritual advisor for regular sharing and advisement

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Competency 6: The Student will describe the Role of the Faith Community Nursing /Health Minister in healing and wholeness by:

a. discussing the role as educator and advocate b. describing the role of a comforter c. examining the role of a companion d. discussing the role as a resource and referral agent

Competency 7: The Student will describe methods of integrating ethical, legal, confidential, and caring practices in Health Ministries by

a. analyzing basic ethical theories and principles b. examining the basic elements of ethical design making c. determining how one’s personal values affect decision making d. discussing ethical questions that may be met in Health Ministry e. discussing case studies related to congregational ethics

Competency 8: The Student will demonstrate the correct use of documentation in a Faith based community by

a. comparing and contrasting electronic versus paper records b. discussing documentation as per ANA Faith Community Nursing: scope and standards of practice c. differentiating types of documentations d. discussing legality of documentation

Competency 9: The Student will identify activities appropriate for their own Faith Community by:

a. implementing assessment tool in own congregation b. listing any services in place c. identifying gaps in services d. identifying vulnerable population in own faith community e. listing activities, supported by evidence based practice, to meet needs of congregation

Competency 10: The Student will discuss appropriate methods of communication in collaborating with clergy, congregation, and committee members by:

a. identifying characteristics of therapeutic communication. b. discussing the various communication techniques. c. identifying ways to effectively work with clergy as a team d. identifying ways to best select and motivate committee members e. discussing activities to involve the congregation’s participation

Competency 11: The Student will discuss the strength and weaknesses of the Healthcare Delivery System in the United States by a. comparing healthcare with other industrialized countries b. discussing whether the present healthcare meets the needs of its people c. discussing the disparities in health care system d. identify ways that Faith based communities may bridge the deficiency


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