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Task Details: The purpose of this paper is to discuss the concept of primary health care in relation to the social determinants of health that are applicable to the refugee community seeking protection in Australia. You are required to write a 1600-word essay related to the case study below. Mohammad is a 25-year-old Rohingya man of Muslim faith from the northern Rakhine province of Myanmar, who two months ago, fled the civilian persecution of the Rohingya people by militants and was granted a permanent protection visa in Australia. He received full Medicare entitlements and short term shared housing in Brisbane, Queensland. Due to persecution in Myanmar, Mohammad tragically lost his family and a number of people from his immediate community. Mohammad is able to speak some English and although currently unemployed, is receiving employment training and emergency housing through the St Vincent de Paul Society of the Catholic church. For three months prior to coming to Australia, Mohammad lived in a refugee camp in Bangladesh in crowded and flimsy, makeshift accommodation where there was no running water or sewerage facilities, with very limited fresh food and health care services.

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