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Task, Psychoeducational, Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Brief Groups

Consider what you have learned, and then describe the basic foundations of group counseling. Provide an overview of the various types of groups and consider how each type of group may be utilized in a school setting (or again, the setting most appropriate for your specialization). Also consider DeKruyf, Auger, and Trice-Black’s 2013 article, “The Role of School Counselors in Meeting Students’ Mental Health Needs: Examining Issues of Professional Identity,” and your overall role in meeting the needs of your students or clients via group counseling. Finally, consider Delucia-Waack’s 2000 article “Effective Group Work in the Schools,” as you apply and discuss your understanding of the different types of groups.

Response Guidelines

Respond to one learner. As you consider his or her post, describe what kind of group you would be most interested in forming and leading. If you could create a psychoeducational group to address the career domain, how might you go about that task? For example, you could hold an after-school meeting with parents and students to host a psychoeducational group about “Paying for College.” You could share information about financial aid, scholarships, and grants from an information-sharing perspective. Have some fun sharing with your peer what type of group you might like to lead and what the group members would gain from attending the group.

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