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Tech Ethics & legal issues

Tech Ethics & legal issues
7)Part 1 Please go the cyber ethics link (, read the case,and answer to the following questions:
1.Are there other people or entities not mentioned in the case that have a role in cyberethics education? How?
2.Who do you think (if anyone) should be held accountable for the incident in the Melbourne City School system?
3.Do you think Mr. Fuller did enough to rectify the situation? Why or why not?
4.What essential components should comprise a quality cyber ethics education initiative?
5.What is the role of an Acceptable Use Policy in a school? (student, the teacher, the administrator, parent?)
Blog:Please identify a software or web-based application that can prevent K-12 students from accessing inappropriate materials. Please tell us what the software can do and why you decide to choose it. Please talk about Qustodio

8) Part 2:.Please go the social networking link (, read the case, and post your answer to the following questions in Week 8 Discussion Board.
1.Should the blue team be prohibited from the use of social networks on school premises for this fundraising opportunity?
2.Is the county wide block of social networks hindering the students’ ability to develop critical communication skills?
3.Should Mr. Edwards be less concerned with the students’ promotional methods, and more concerned with the amount of money each team is bringing in?
4.Would the blue team lose a substantial amount of donations if Mr. Edwards were to stop them from using the social network as a promotional method?
Blog .Please identify a Web 2.0 or Web 3.0 technology, specify which version of the Web tool it is, describe how it can be used for teaching, and state what educational impact the tool has or might have. If you have experiences of using it, please tell us about your experiences.

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