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Term Paper.

Choose two countries: China and the UK, compare them along the following four dimensions: 1) cost, 2) quality, 3) access, and 4) innovation. Use the textbook “Comparative Health Systems global perspectives” as one resource, but you are not limited to this and can use outside sources as long as they are cited in your references. Additionally, you are to identify improvement opportunities from what you learned about these two countries that could be adapted and made useful in the changing U.S. health system.

Paper Outline:
I. Overview of countries (two pages).
II. Brief health system description (both).
III. Comparisons (costs, quality, access, innovation).
IV. Improvement Opportunities for U.S.
V. References

Format: Papers are to be at least 13 double space typed pages, and must be done in APA style. Students must cite all sources of information both in the paper and in the Reference section. If you have questions on the APA style, please refer to other material or contact the instructor.

the final paper will be between 13-18 double space pages in length; not including the cover page

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