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The Application Project for Applied Health Care Management requires students to apply the health care issues presented throughout the course to real management decision-making. Students are responsible for designing and creating the operations plan for a health care facility in Cleveland, OH. Students will identify critical information, gather and evaluate data, and organize and summarize findings. (Section 1) Analysis of State and Local Public Health Policy: Identify who is in charge of public health in your city. Describe the prevention strategies prevalent in your city. Outline the state and local authority and infrastructure. Analyze the federal, state, and local facilities currently in operation. Include tables, charts, or graphs to highlight or simplify items (Section 2) Facility Overview: Identify what the needs for acute, chronic and long-term care are in your community. Present a new facility designed to meet one of those needs Classify the models, categories, and types of acute, chronic, or long-term care your facility will provide. Describe challenges to providing care in the city, including health behaviors, training, costs and funds, new or prevalent diseases, and access, as well as any other factors your research uncovers. Connect your choice, classifications, and recommendations to the demographics of your community. Include tables, charts, or graphs to highlight or simplify items.

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