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Never events are events that never should of happened in the hospital. For example, wrong side or wrong patient surgery. There is a list of hospital-acquired conditions (HAC) that Medicare and Medicaid can deny payment for ( Included in the list is foreign objects retained after surgery, air embolism, blood incompatibility, pressure ulcer stages III & IV, falls and trauma, catheter associated UTI, vascular catheter-associated infection, manifestations of poor glycemic control. The list is further broken down into surgical events, product or device events, patient protection events, care management events, environment events and criminal events (CMS. gov.).

Nursing care strongly effects Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. Safety first is how we work. When I first see a patient I locate the arm band, which prevents wrong treatment being given. One of the rights of medication administration performed before medication is given. Before a PICC line placed a checklist is done, surgical scrub, PICC line manufacturer, model number and size is recorded along with x-ray confirmation. A doctors order is needed to infuse medication through it. All these things a PICC or surgical nurse must do daily without consciously realizing it is associated with patient safety and repayment for hospitalization. Patient safety is also a concern during flu season (November through March) in the NICU, visitation is restricted to parents. Even writing out incident reports when something doesn’t go right. All these things we do will prevent never events from not happening. Its amazing, when you start to think about it, the things we do to prevent never events.

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