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The Effect of Insomnia on College Student’s Academic Achievements
Develop a Group Therapy Proposal that aIDresses a specific problem with a specific group of individuals. For each of the following conceptual items give credit to the approach(s) from whom you developed your own ideas. Show how your own group intervention is both similar to and different from those from whom you have adopted your ideas. For the personal items, be honest with yourself but it is not necessary for you to go into detail about items that you would be uncomfortable sharing.

1. What problem will your group aIDress and how? Who will the intervention be directed toward?
2. Develop an 8 – 10 session outline of the topics that will be covered and materials needed to perform activities (see example).
3. Your proposal should communicate that you have considered the critical issues for group therapy that were discussed in class. The following are SUGGESTIONS for issues that could be covered/communicated:
• What do you see as the most important functions of a therapist? How would you define your role as a helper?
• What do you feel are the rights and responsibilities of a therapy client?
• What are some of your own beliefs and attitudes about the issues that your group will aIDress (e.g., religion/spirituality, oppression of minorities, sexual behavior/sexual, orientation, independence/ interdependence/dependence).
• What life experiences of yours would help you work effectively with clients? What experiences have you had with people whose cultural values are different from your own?
• Can you think of some limitations in your life experience that might hinder your ability to understand and relate to specific groups of? For example, are you aware of any prejudices or stereotypes that you have that could interfere with your objectivity? How might you overcome some of your personal limitations so that you could work more effectively?


1. All papers must be produced using a computer word processing program.

2. All papers will be graded on content, completeness, accuracy and form. Form includes using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling and adherence to APA style. The official reference for style is the Modified APA Style (10 points):
• Cover page
• Abstract
• Introduction
• References – at least 7 references



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