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 Trinexapac-ethyl (TE; the active ingredient in Primo MAXX) is commonly applied to golf course putting greens to reduce growth (we will learn more about plant growth regulation later in the semester). TE is also used to help improve the growth of turfgrasess grown in shade due to its known growth suppression effects. The growth suppression from TE is, however, relatively short lived, and the turfgrass plants come out of growth suppression within 7-14 days (depending on the concentration of TE that is used), resulting in a large growth flush. We are currently unaware if different genotypes (within a cultivar) of creeping bentgrass have variation in sensitivity TE, and we do not know if some genotypes exhibit a growth flush sooner than others. Uneven response to TE may result in a cryptic turfgrass disease known as etiolated turfgrass syndrome (ETS), and we can hypothesize that ETS is due to variation in sensitivity to TE among creeping bentgrass genotypes. You will conduct your research as a group–each group member is expected to participate. The lab report must include the following sections: Introduction, Provide background for why this experiment is being conducted. This section should be about 3-4 paragraphs. Material and Methods  In this section, you will write, in detail, what you did in this experiment. This should be written in a way that would allow another scientist to repeat your work. Results  The results section presents analyzed results in tables and figures and then describes those results in the text. Discussion, In this section, you will discuss your results and how they might impact turfgrass managers. References  Include all references both in the text (author, date format) and then as a reference list at the end of the document. You must include at least 3 primary, peer-reviewed sources in your lab report.

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