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In this essay you are asked to take the topic you have chosen, per the Proposal, and

  • choose the Classical Argument and write a sustained, well-supported essay for a specific peer-reviewed journal,
  • OR choose the Rogerian Argument and write a sustained, well-supported essay for a specific magazine.

Your audience may agree with you or disagree with you–choose an approach with this in mind, including how you address differing views (if your readers disagree with you, for example, how should you address them and how should you respond?). Use appropriate language and formality for the type of publication you will be writing for.

The type of publication should also determine the types of sources you use and how you use them.

Proposals must be submitted with all drafts, including those submitted for peer review.

Goals and Expectations:

  • 8-12 pages typed and double-spaced, with an appropriate heading and descriptive title.
    • works cited/reference pages do not count toward the page requirement.
  • Presentation of a specific and focused argument based on your topic and research question, with clearly established main and supporting claims.
  • Use of a clear organizational model (Classical or Rogerian), with emphasis on the parts required by the model.
  • An appropriate amount of evidence in support of your your claims, warrants, backing, and qualifiers. Your evidence must come from a combination of the following:
    • [A minimum of] any combination of 8 books, journals, magazines, or newspapers which can be found on shelf, in microfiche, or in the databases at the WSU library
      • at least one source must be a government document.
    • You are also required to use at least one visual, whether it be a graphic, picture, or video. Be sure to label your visual(s) correctly and document appropriately.
      • Note: Evidence from the internet will not count toward the minimum number of sources, but you may use the internet in addition to the 8 sources. Evidence from the internet should not, however, be comprise the bulk of your total evidence. In other words: most of your evidence should come from library research.
      • Primary research, such as an interview or survey, may be considered for one of the required sources, on a case by case basis.
  • Clear use of MLA or APA documentation styles to document all ideas not your own. Drafts without a works cited/reference page will not be accepted.
  • Revised drafts should demonstrate careful proofreading and revision, including but not limited to revising claims, support, organization, grammar, and sentence mechanics.

    Your draft must include a half-page to full-page Draft Reflection, in paragraph form, on:

    • the publication you think would be an appropriate audience for your argument, and why
    • the main question(s) you hope to answer by the end
    • how you believe your essay will contribute to the conversation
    • your draft’s strengths
    • your draft’s main areas for improvement
    • your plan for revision.

Our goal with this essay is to put together all the elements and skills we have learned and worked on this semester in a comprehensive, source-driven, argumentative essay. Accurate use of sources, a detailed statement of position, consideration of multiple perspectives and discourses, consideration of situational awareness, demonstration of revision and writing as a process, and other factors will be important. Your essay should demonstrate basic competency or better in all five core categories from the Writing Portfolio Rubric, and it may be wise to review the rubric as you write, research, and revise.

this is the Instructor comment about my proposal (I recommend keeping a scope and focus that is manageable and specific enough.I also strongly recommend you keep a focus on your main argument—it would be easy to lapse into informing about the subject and the many pros and cons, versus arguing a specific aspect of this.)

I will ask you to give me what you have after 24 hours but u have a total of 2 days to finish this paper

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