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Topic: The Genetics of Human Pigmentation and its Relevance to Human Health

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The Genetics of Human Pigmentation and its Relevance to Human Health
Formatting (see also the marking rubric)
The 1500-word report will present information on the genes studied, why they are relevant to human health, the genetic variants that were tested, and a conclusion as to what effect the identified variants might have on health. As the practicals will analyse DNA from a population of anonymous donors, your analysis will involve the combined data of all practical groups. Submission is via Turnitin- a single assignment cover page and submission per pair, listing both members signing the assignment cover page.
Note: you are not required to write an abstract.
The basic format of the research report will be as follows:

1. Title page:
• The title of the study
• A list of Authors (alphabetically for this report), followed by the practical class you are enrolled in.

2. Introduction
The introduction provides background and context for the experiments. It introduces the reader to the genes that are being studied and their importance to human health and disease. Aims must be clearly described.

3. Results
• Figures have figure legends that are placed under each figure. The figure legend does not interpret the figure, but provides information that allows the reader to understand the content of the figure.
• A figure legend should have a brief descriptive title
• Tables do not have legends; tables are identified by a number and a title that is placed above the table
• The text complements the tables and figures; it directs the reader to important findings, but there is no interpretation or discussion of results. It is acceptable to summarise findings: eg. Therefore, this experiment showed that…

4. Discussion
The conclusion will discuss the results in the context of human pigmentation and its significance for human health and disease.
Based on material presented in the lectures, discussions in the practical classes, and your own reading, you are expected to discuss your results in the context of the genetics of the variability of human pigmentation.

The overall word limit is 1500 words: figures and figure legends, tables and references are not included in the word count.

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