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The internship is the rehabilitation assistant in a nursing house in Los Angeles.

respond to the following four questions each time you write your journal: 1) What you did on site, 2) what contact or training you had with your supervisor, 3) reactions to readings from our textbook, and 4) observations of psych theory or practice at your site. Please limit your journal to one page (single-spaced). Each journal should be one page in length, typed, single spaced and touch on the topics below. Please use subheadings to break the paper up
into the topics below.

1) First paragraph=activities you performed during this period at your field site (be specific).

2) Second paragraph= training or contact you had with your site supervisor at this time.

3) Third Paragraph=comment on readings from our text that relate to your placement or your reactions to the material read.

4) Fourth Paragraph=Please record any information about the psychological theories or methods used at your site.

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