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The Jungle” Book report


The Jungle’s author, Upton Sinclair, famously quipped about his novel, “I aimed at the public’s heart and by accident I hit it in the stomach.”

  • What do you think Mr. Sinclair meant when he said this?  Explore.
  • How was the novel connected to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906?
  • Do you think the meat production industry in the early 1900s needed to be regulated?
  • Do you think it needs to be regulated in today’s world?
  • Why or why not?

Also explore these issues in your paper:

The world described in The Jungle still exists

Sweatshops, poor working conditions and slave wages have been a problem since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. While it is now rare to find a sweatshop in America, the problem has definitely been exported overseas.

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