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Unleash the Creativity Everyone is special in his or her own way. It is hard to distinguish between each other. If we all were following rules to limit ourselves we would be the same. The Lego Movie, by Chris Miller, Phil Lord, showed a city full of citizens who were following instructions all their lives on how to live, and work (Young). Which limited their minds and made them no more than ordinary citizens. Therefore, the citizens of the city will not know what to do if there were no instructions to follow, and there was no chance for someone to be creative. However, at the end of The Lego Movie, all of these citizens stopped following instructions, and started creating their own builds in order to save the city from getting destroyed. The Lego Movie convinces us that everyone can make a change in the world, and we should never limit our creativity. If every person limited himself to specific rules, he would not try and achieve anything special that would make him proud of himself (Walsh 176).

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