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The LoYAC is an organization that is non-profit based and aims at creating general advancement in the youth. Value innovation is the basis under which the Lothan Youth Achievement Center operates. LOYAC aims to create peace as the main objective imparts professional skills to the youth, advance arts and physical advancement amongst the youth. It advances its values to the volunteering youth that is bent on elevating the personalities and offer a sense of responsibilities to the society and country. The strategy that is applied by LoYAC is upheld by the community service centers that provide chances to the youth to volunteer in the Summer Programs. Examples of centers that are offered this service are; KAACH, Down Syndrome center, Kuwait Red Crescent, Foster Care Center and Ministry of Labor affairs well as develop creativity amongst the youth.

Academies have been formed in Kuwait so as to offer sessions for music and arts related practices. The participants are trained so as to organize huge events in the best way possible and productions. Efforts are offered to the youth with special chances to assist them to grow into more efficient young artists. Another strategy that is core to LoYAC is the advancement of communication; this is done using reading tendency in the young. A connection is created between the youth and the reading culture so as to enable them to get a better comprehension of what such works of arts say. Through communication the lack of confidence is reduced to low as well as poor grammatical mistakes that they may have. Another strategy is make it possible for the young people to generate fresh things and develop new and better notions on varied things. The youth are made aware of what is expected of them and encouraged to achieve it in the most efficient manner possible.

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