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the mental health problem ofthe client in the case study and discuss the prevalence ofthis mental health problem in Australia.

What is meant by consumer-oriented mental health care? How can this be implemented? Outline the benefits ofinvolving consumers in
their own care. Support your response with evidence from the literature. (Chapter 15 of your Edward et al. (2011) prescribed text will
assist you to respond to this question).

ldentify medication/s that is/are commonly taken forthis mental health problem and

discuss the nursing management of side effects related to this medication and howthese side effects should be monitored and minimized.
(Your prescribed textbook Usher et al (2009) will assist you to respond to this question).

ldentify risk factors for the physical

health of your case study client. Discuss the promotion of physical and mental health goals for your client. (Your Edward et al.(2011)
prescribed text and your other unit readings will assist you to respond to this question). (5 marks)

Discuss the assessment strategies that

are likely to be used forthis client and prioritize them in relation to risk status. (Chapter2 in your Edward et al. (2011).

Identify the health and well-being problems and relevant nursing interventions forthe client in your case study. Present the

problems in order of priority. Demonstrate your clinical reasoning by selecting nursing interventions that can be supported with evidence
from the literature. (e-Reserve forthis unit, and Moodle HSNS205, contains many resources in addition to yourtext book to assist you wit
this questions. You will need to ready more widely from current journals to address this question adequately).

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