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The Molecular of Tumorigenesis and Metastasis
Describe the ‘Warburg effect’ and its relevance to cancer
(~300 words, 20% of marks).
2) Discuss the different lines of evidence suggesting that ‘metabolic
reprogramming’ is a ‘new’ cancer cell hallmark. In your answer,
try to cite as much use of the primary literature as possible and
include at-least one diagram drawn by yourself for illustrative purposes
(~1,500 words, 80% of marks).
MED6040 Lecture 8: Genetic and Phenotypic Hallmarks of Cancer II
Koppenol et al., (2011) Nature Reviews Cancer 11, 325-327
Ward and Thompson (2012) Cancer Cell 21, 207-308
Prensner and Chinnalyan (2011) Nature Medicine 17, 291
Primary Literature cited within.
Also, please consult recent publications in this area, this includes 2012
and 2013.



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