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A nurse educator is preparing an orientation on culture and the workplace. There is a need to address the many cultures that seek healthcare services and how to better understand the culture. This presentation will Examine the role of the nurse as a culturally diverse practitioner.

  • Choose a culture that you feel less knowledgeable about
  • Compare this culture with your own culture
  • Analyze the historical, socioeconomic, political, educational, and topographical aspects of this culture
  • What are the appropriate interdisciplinary interventions for hereditary, genetic, and endemic diseases and high-risk health behaviors within this culture?
  • What are the influences of their value systems on childbearing and bereavement practices
  • What are their sources of strength, spirituality, and magicoreligious beliefs associated with health and health care?
  • What are the health-care practices: acute versus preventive care; barriers to health care; the meaning of pain and the sick role; and traditional folk medicine practices?
  • What are cultural issues related to learning styles, autonomy, and educational preparation of content for this culture?


PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) or Impress® (Open Office) presentation

1. Should be a minimum of 30 slides. 2. Including a title and reference slide 3.Introduction and conclusion

4. A minimum of 40 words of detailed notes comments on all slides. 5. Each slide should have at least one Reference include page number.

Use at least six scholarly sources

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