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THE TOPIC IS THE BOOK, YPU HAVE TO WRITE AN ESSAY ON 2ND CHAPTER Essays must be double spaced with at least 2.5cm left and right margins. Put your name, student number,and the date that you handed it in on the top left corner of the first page. You can put your personal essay title (i.e. “On Dummett’sArgument for Anti-Realism”) at the top center of the first page. Do not use title pages. If you absolutely insist on using a title page, because you don’t want other people to see your opening paragraph, put your name, student number, etc. on the top leftcorner of the title page. Do not put the title in the middle with your name on the bottom right, etc. Insert page numbers on the top right of the page, and include the total number of pages (i.e., 4 of 10). Include a header on the top right of each page with your name. Do not put the page number or header consisting of you name on the first page of your essay.Give references by means of numbered footnotes appearing at the bottom of the page. In the text of your essay, place the reference numeral immediately after the word or passage to which it refers. For footnotes and your bibliography, useone or another of the dominant reference styles such as the Chicago style orthe MLA style. It does not matter which style you use, but what is essentially importantis that a reader be able to find the source that you are referencing.

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