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The possible treatment for Arteriovenous malformation

Project description
the words count is not important.. It should be 20 pages only so i’ll appreciate it if you aID some figures.
The reference should be in numbers..don’t stick to the reference number you can aID more.

The structure:
-First page: summary
-Second page: Goal and aims
-Third page: general introduction about the disease,statistic, symptoms, causes(genetic cause:mutation in chromosome 7).4 pages
-Screening and testing: put the different methods in a table if possible and how they identify the suitable therapy.
there are four different method:cerebral angiogram, cranial MRI, Electroencephalogram, Head CT scan MRA.2 pages

The different treatment for each stage or condition:
1-treatmen for the symptoms only, no risk of hemorrhage (the most difficult symptoms is seizure so we will focus in it’s treatment which is Phenytoin (Dilanti)
Sub topic for that drug: discovery,mechanism of action, preclinical and clinical trial, FDA approval, side effect. 5 pages

2-second stage, risk of hemorrhage:
-focus in this methood and: Embolization treatment (TRUFILL® n -BCA Liqui d Embolic System) (3 pages for this method with brief clinical trial and fda approval)

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