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the quality improvement rubric.
Assignment – Select a sentinel event, problem in nursing, problem on your nursing unit, or root cause analysis. Select ideas for change which are likely to originate from your experience of practice within your department or hospital. It is always a good idea to involve intraprofessional team members and see what other departments or hospitals have done to improve a particular area.
Complete a search of the literature on your specific areas of interest to improve.Nursing Guide Link

Develop a question that you are trying to accomplish? Ex. We want to halve the rate of central line infections in the intensive care unit by (this date).
Measurable criteria – How will we know that a change is an improvement?
Outcomes – What changes can we make that will result in improvement?
Optional – Use tools such as flow charts, cause-effect diagrams) to make processes of care explicit.
Discuss how safety, quality, and cost effectiveness of health care can be improved through the active involvement of patients and families. Note any strategies to empower patients or families in all aspects of the health care process.
Identify gaps between local and best practice.
Submit this assignments in a power point or paper addressing the above topics and using APA.

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