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Week 4 Milestone: The Religious Approach    to Social Issues

As you have    read, all religious traditions share three basic characteristics from which    we may analyze the religion and compare it to other religions. For your    Final Project, you will focus on a single pillar of analysis from which you    will engage in a deeper study of a religious tradition.

For this worksheet    activity, you will consider a contemporary social issue from the perspective    of your selected religious tradition within the context of your selected    pillar of analysis. Some suggested social issues for you to consider are    listed here. However, feel free to select a social issue that is of interest    to you even if it is not shown in the list.

Suggested social issues:

  • Climate change
  • Unequal         distribution of wealth
  • Capital         punishment

In the writing    space below, identify the social issue you chose to explore. Then, write a 100­-    to 150-word paragraph in which you analyze your selected religious    tradition’s worldview as it relates to your chosen social issue. Be sure to    explore the following ideas:

  • Why is this         social issue of particular importance to adherents of your chosen         religious tradition?
  • What actions         have adherents of your religious tradition taken to effect change         related to the social issue?
  • In what ways         have these actions affected people both within and outside the selected         religion’s sacred canopy?


My chosen social  issue is:


Submit your 100-   to 150-word paragraph here. Be sure to include at least two references to an   academically relevant source, either from our classroom, the Walden Library,   or Google Scholar, that supports your exploration of this social issue.

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