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The Role of Nutrition in Cancer and Heart Disease
Chapter 4
This chapter is titled Surprising news about Fat. What information does Dr. Willett share that you find most surprising? How does this differ from your previous learning and thoughts about fat? What are the health effects discussed in this chapter and how does fat intake impact those? Make sure to research statistics for heart disease in America? Comment on your findings.

Chapter 5
The textbook aIDress carbohydrates and states “for better or worse”. What does Dr. Willett mean by this statement? How does the information in the textbook compare with your previous conceptions of carbohydrates? How do carbohydrates directly impact disease development and management?

Chapter 6
What is the role of protein in chronic disease development and management? Pick two of these diseases to comment on. Consider the use of supporting evidence from the book and other research on the topic.
What is the benefit to vegetable sources of protein, or protein from non-animal sources? Plan a 1 day menu for a vegetarian diet (do not just copy one off the Internet). Include 3 meals and 2-3 snacks.


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