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Assignment from nickkynickky

Book: The Science of Occupational Health: Stress, Psychobiology and the New World of Work

Lundberg, L and Cooper, L.

Wiley and Blackwell, 1st Edition, 2011

ISBN-10: 1405199148

ISBN-13: 978-1405199148

Videos Link:

After reading Chapters 4-7 of the Lundberg and Cooper text and watching the videos of Prof Sapolsky and Mr. Anderson you should not only have a good sense of the mind-body connection in human illness, but also an understanding of how stressful work environments can make you sick. Reflect on your experience in school and work, and discuss a work or school situation that led to a short-term illness or a chronic condition. When discussing this situation describe the biological pathway that might have led to this illness.

If you can’t think of a situation that has affected you, describe a management practice that you have observed or heard about that may have contributed to an illness of a colleague or a friend. When identifying this situation, deduce what might have been the physiological pathway contributing to this stress-related illness.

No length specified. I have attached the rubric. Disregard rubric of “comment on other posts”.

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