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The paper should be typed using 12-point font, double-spaced, Times New Roman lettering, and one inch margins all the way around. Your paper should have a title page and reference pages (not included in the six components of data). Make certain that you use correct grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Style guide: Also, you need to cite your references in the text according to APA style, and develop a reference page with your two sources correctly listed according to APA style (see APA handout). Do not use extended quotations from your sources to compose your paper. Write using your own words. Lifting complete sentences or paragraphs is plagiarism. (see APA style guide and SAMPLE Paper written using APA style: located in Course Readings link in BlackBoard). These resources offer you specific direction and a visual example of APA style. You should include at least FIVE academic resources in your research paper.

Paper Content: Your paper will have six sections separated by a centered header. This essay caters to a more in-depth understanding of one of the following six drug addictions: (1) Stimulants, (2) Depressants, (3) Alcohol, (4) Opioids, (5) Hallucinogens, (6) Marijuana. The paper should be organized as follows

Section 1: Definition and Demographics (Describe characteristics of the drug/category of drugs and explain who is likely to use the drug.)
Section 2: Regulations (How is the use of the drug controlled?)
Section 3: How the Drug Works (Delineate the drug’s effects, including the nervous system and specific actions of the drug on the brain/body.)
Section 4: Symptoms of Abuse/Addiction (Differentiate between use/abuse and dependence.)
Section 5: Treatment (What methods are used to treat addicts?)
Section 6: Prevention (What is being done to prevent addiction to this drug/category of drugs?)


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